One Hot Italian Summer - Halle , Karina

One Hot Italian Summer – Halle , Karina

One Hot Italian Summer - Halle , Karina
One Hot Italian Summer – Halle , Karina
mobi | 981.02 KB | English | Author :Halle , Karina | B08DTLKVFL | 2020

Book Description :

A writer looking for inspiration in Tuscany.

One hot Italian single dad.

This summer is going to be a scorcher.

A NEW STANDALONE ROMANCE from the New York Times Bestselling author of A Nordic King and The Pact.

After the death of her best friend and writing partner, Grace Harper is struggling both with grief, and with her next novel, the first one she’ll have to write alone.

Fortunately, her new powerhouse agent, the formidable Jana Lee, has a solution for her. She can stay at her villa in Tuscany for a month, soak in the sunshine, relax, and find her confidence again. After all, Jana has a lot riding on Grace’s next book, and the last thing she wants is for her reputation as a “super-agent” to be tarnished.

At first the villa is a dream come true for Grace – that is until Claudio Romano sho up one day with his ten-year old son, Vanni, in tow. Turns out, this is Claudio’s house, and Claudio happens to be her agent’s ex-husband from long ago. Thanks to their annual father and son bonding trip being cancelled, Claudio and Vanni are here to stay.

So is Grace.

With the three of them sharing the same house, Grace’s writing plans are thrown out the window. But even if she’s not pounding the keyboard, she’s still finding beauty and inspiration… in none other than Claudio. He’s unlike any man Grace has met before. He’s smart, charming, and wickedly sexy, plus a great father to Vanni. He’d be the perfect summer fling – if only he wasn’t completely off-limits.

But as the hot Italian summer wears on, Grace and Claudio are destined to succumb to the heat, no matter how hard they try to resist each other. One steamy encounter with Claudio could affect Grace’s chances of starting her career over.

Or he could be exactly what she needs.

One Hot Italian Summer is a full-length standalone romance. It contains graphic sex scenes and coarse language. Sensitive viewers should be advised

Category : | Multicultural & Interracial Romance, Billionaire Romance, Multicultural Romances

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