Science – 27 03 (2020)

Science - 27 03 (2020)
Science – 27 03 2020
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Descirption: Introduction Stardate: 2020-03-27…….. 4 years after the finding of a World called Arcanus II, within the Exterio system, one of the oldest they say. Two unlikely souls found one another alone in a vast unknown universe. My name was Mr. Richards, a U.f.O specialist hired by the federal Government back when Elizabeth and I were both on earth, and that was over four years ago, to date. Elizabeth and I both vaguely remember those events which brought us out here. Our new lives had taken us from earth, and threw us out onto a lost and unforgiving World, filled with Cannibals, and Ancient deserted cities of a great race that once lived out here, among the stars. We had found a genuine flying Saucer, which was called the Myth. We then left Arcanus II, to go home back to earth, over 14 million light years away. So along the way we had found, and saved a few more, to help us operate the Myth. A Saucer ship, now with a half crew on board. Elizabeth and I started off as strangers on earth, and found ourselves thrusted out into the fringes of an Unknown Universe. The Myth was equipped with experimental Stealth activators, litanium energy shielding, and Anti graviton Oscillating energy fields, as to land the Saucer ship down onto the surface, with a soft landing. We had as well a full complement of extraordinary alien weapons, and technology. Including six fully rotational Sonicion laser cannons. This is the legend of what became of two humans, who had found a flying Saucer, at the edge of an unforgiving Universe. My name is Captain Richards, of the legendary Myth.

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