Steven Savile - Time's Mistress (v5 0)

Steven Savile – Time’s Mistress (v5 0)

Steven Savile - Time's Mistress (v5 0)
Steven Savile – Time’s Mistress (v5 0)
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Book Description :

Steven Savile’s popular fantasy stories embrace all aspects of the fantastic. Be it the wonder of magical realism, the darkness of the macabre, or the mythological, these stories have one thing in common: faith.
Savile offers up tales of hope and wonder in equal measure, whilst treating sadness as a long lost friend. Nothing in his world is quite as it seems. The world you think you know isn’t the world you’re about to enter. Everything you think you’ve learned about life is about to be unlearned. These are stories of love. These are stories of loss. In some you will find redemption, in others the simple act of memory is treacherous and cannot be trusted. But in all of them there is an aching sense of loss and love. Savile’s stories here speak to the part in all of us who still dares to fall in love again after a broken heart.
"Savile packs more imagination into a short story than many writers manage in a full novel." Hellnotes
“Stories about life and death by a man who has clearly consorted with devils.” TM Wright, bestselling author of A Manhattan Ghost Story
"One of the most seriously creepy pieces it has been my pleasure to read in a long time." — Charles de Lint, on Remember Me Yesterday.
"A modern fantasist of the first order. Watch as Savile carves a niche for himself in the literature of the new millennium." — Tim Lebbon
"Troubling, moving, curiously gentle, and a pleasure to read all the way through." — Ed Gorman.
"Lyrical, passionate and poignant." — Tom Piccirilli.
"Savile manages to successfully evoke a wonderful sense of atmosphere and place, while contemporaneously managing to constantly build the conflict and tension, and swiftly move the action forward"– Fear Zone   

Category : | Historical Fantasy, Two-Hour Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads, Historical Fantasy

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